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Variations on a Collaborative Rubric

By Mary Borobia Walls

Last week I had the absolute pleasure of spending a whole day with a group of elementary teachers in California's Inland Empire to discuss Assessment and the Next Generation Science Standards. During our time together we looked at how learners can be agents in the evaluation of their developing understanding and skill. When there is learner agency in assessment, then there are conditions for metacognition.

In October 2017 I wrote a post about "Reclaiming Rubrics." This post takes the process described earlier and shows how one rubric can easily be converted into various tools for different assessment needs. Developing criteria with learners once can turn into rubrics for feedback as well as for a score: tools for both formative & summative assessment.

First we came up with a list of all the learner generated products we could think of that would help the teacher better see what has been learned and is understood. In this particular case we decid…

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